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This is my online journal in a sense - a strand of conciousness or the interior design of my mind.

I'm weird and different but so are you. I'm just not scared to show it.

I like stuff; red, the night, cities, stars, rain, red wearers, stranger watching, mango, getting lost with someone (x2), politics, news, guitar, piano, clothes, watches, ties, scarves, perfume, basketball, tea, (hot) chocolate, pancakes, voices, hair right to left, orange juice, [my] queen bed, Skype, biology, documentaries.

I sometimes think I am too observant, I go on mental tangents often, I like sharing. That's what inspires me - it makes my day.
People are pretty interesting. I like interaction - so go ahead, take a chance.

December 22nd
One thing I noticed while working in retail:

When people are grumpy, you have to be neutral. Make them realise they are being unreasonable and inconsiderate.

The idea not to play fire with fire, but to defeat them with their own guilt.

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